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LLM Care service

The Integrated Healthcare System Long Lasting Memories Care (LLM Care) is an ICT platform which combines state-of-the-art mental exercises against cognitive deterioration with physical activity in the structure of an advanced ambient assisted living environment.

This technological solution coincides with daily monitoring and improves the quality of life through prolonging the time of autonomous and independent living of people belonging to vulnerable groups.

Our Products

LLM Care service based on mental exercise (BrainHQ) and physical activity (wFitForAll) is provided to elderly people and other vulnerable population groups. It is addressed to Local Government Stakeholders, Public and Private Health Care Centers, Rehabilitation Centers and Associations. It can also be utilized by Health Care Professionals, including nurses, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, trainers, occupational therapists, and other related professionals. Finally, it is also available to individuals interested in personal use.

BrainHQ is an online interactive environment that includes 29 brain exercises that focus on attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation and intelligence and has been proven to be particularly effective in patients with dementia or other brain disorders and in healthy people, too.

WebFitForAll is an effective physical platform, based on exercises that strengthen the body, enhance aerobic fitness, flexibility, balance and has been proven to maintain individual physical condition.

Our services

The scientific staff of the Medical Physics Laboratory (psychologists, technicians, fitness trainers and certified LLM Care trainers) provide you with the necessary services throughout the LLM Care utilization which suit your needs as an entity, healthcare professional or individual.

Our team

LLM Care scientific team belongs to the Medical Physics Laboratory of the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under the scientific supervision of Professor Mr. Panagiotis Bamidis. Our team is consisted of Biomedical Technology researchers, neuroscientists, doctors, fitness trainers, psychologists, technicians and educators. Aiming at maximizing the social benefit to vulnerable population groups, we have been providing LLM Care for over a decade with great success in Municipalities, Entities and individuals, as well as through the Medical Internship for undergraduate medical degree students "Technologies in Health Care services"

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